Senator Thayn has worked hard to find win-win solutions that empower the people with control over resources to improve education and reduce medical costs.  

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Medical Costs and Access

Senator Thayn continues to work on creating a Direct Primary Care network that will improve access to primary care and hold down overall medical costs teachers will also benefit.

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Want to lower taxes, then create a new paradigm.  The three biggest programs in the state were created using faulty assumptions, use inefficient systems which results in poor outcomes.  It is time to rethink the way we provide education, health care, and help the poor.  These three items consume over 85 percent of the state general fund budget. 


Improving education and supporting students and parents has been a continuing theme of Senator Thayn's efforts.  He believes that as students become more engage in learning the teachers will also benefit.

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It is with hard work, dedication, and passion that he will ensure these issues are brought to the forefront of the agenda: 

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