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Dear Idahoans;

I have been against Common Core for many years.  I am supportive of the House action the first week of February 2020 to repeal Common Core.   The only fault with the House action to repeal Common Core is that they did not create a process to replace the Common Core Standards with another set of standards. 
     I am working to create this process.  I am in favor of the Florida approach that left Common Core in place until a new set of standards was created.  Florida created a timeline to make the needed changes.  These standards included simplification of all standards to make them more readable, making sure parents can help with math in the early grades, and the elimination of  inappropriate literature.  We need literature that gives hope and encouragement to our young students.

     It must be remembered that society is not improved by simply opposing what is disliked; it is truly improved by nourishing what is wanted.   The number one thing needed to improve education is to give parents more choices.  I am the author of the Advanced Opportunities Program that has changed the face of high school.  Now, over 28,000 students take college classes in high school.  And, I am the author of SB 1293 that gives parents more control over the elementary education of their children.  ​
     I would also like to point out that the Senate, last week, approved a measure to get rid of the 10th grade ISAT test which is the Common Core test.  This measure I wrote and was the floor sponsor.  Contrary to some rumors floating around that I support Common Core; my actions show the exact opposite reality.   
     I would hope that you would join with me to nourish  and grow what is needed to make Idaho an even better place.