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My name is Steven Thayn.  I want to share a little personal data and my basic political philosophy.

Lived in Emmett Idaho for all my adult life where my wife of 40+ years (Sherry) and I raised our 8 children.  They now live all over the United States.  We have 25 grandchildren.

  • We owned and operated a dairy for 18 years before selling it and going back to school to become a Spanish teacher.
  • I taught for four years in high school before running for the legislature. 
  • I currently farm and have a custom baling operation.
  • I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and dabble a little in Russian.
  • I have written 15 books on economic/political issues dealing with math instruction, health care, poverty, the problems with coercion, the importance of the family, production, etc.
  • I am a member of the LDS church and served a mission in Brazil as a young man.
  • I have served in the legislature since 2007.  

Basic political philosophy
              The two main points that anchor my political philosophy is work and the family.  Adam Smith taught that production was the source of prosperity (wealth) and that all individuals and nations could become prosperous if they engaged in productive work.  The way to end poverty is to help people gain skills so that they can produce and contribute. 

            Liberalism/socialism are antithetical to prosperity because they don’t require productive.  Liberalism gives the poor material goods to consume which traps them in poverty without giving them a way out of poverty.  Liberalism is a form of modern slavery, immoral, and harmful to the recipient and the taxpayer. 
              Yes, we should help those in poverty by teaching them how to fish.  

The second main point that anchors my political philosophy is the central role of the family in education, health care, poverty, and corrections.  The modern world made a mistake about 120 years ago when governments decided to build institutions to take care of families rather than build the capacity of families to take care of themselves. 
             My whole political career has been aimed at helping transfer power that government should not have taken back to willing family units.  Freedom is a function of strong, economically independent families; liberty requires strong families.  

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